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Monthly Membership

Choose from one of the options below based on the amount of support you require.

  • BRONZE membership

    Every month
    Basic remote coaching
    • Weekly bespoke running training plan
    • Weekly coach feedback
    • Injury Prevention resources
    • Private Members only Facebook group
    • Members only WhatsApp group
  • Best Value

    SILVER membership

    Every month
    Premium remote coaching
    • As per Bronze PLUS
    • Strength training exercises
    • Goal setting
    • Race planning
    • Recipes
  • GOLD membership

    Every month
    *GO THE EXTRA MILE* Expert remote coaching
    • As per Silver PLUS
    • MONTHLY online coached S&C session
  • PLATINUM membership

    Every month
    *ULTIMATE PACKAGE* Elite remote coaching
    • As per Silver PLUS
    • WEEKLY online coached S&C session
Tokyo marathon finisher

"Having a coach and a training plan keeps me accountable. I get great satisfaction from ticking things off a to-do list and I also like knowing what’s coming up. I also like to understand the purpose of each workout. I have no doubt that the absence of a coach is the main reason my early years of running were so sporadic. Conversely, my newfound consistency is a direct result of effective coaching. Of course, plans have to be adaptable because life can get in the way but I’m pretty good at making sure I get everything done each week. Reflection and feedback - both giving and receiving - are critical aspects of the coaching partnership so that it can be tailored to the individual. And it’s important to me to have a coach that walks the walk (or runs the run) and understands the specific challenges that face a working mum of a certain age training for a marathon (or six). Support, encouragement and congratulations from friends and family are important, but getting all that from Jules, who really knows how hard it is, is invaluable."

Liz Giannopoulos (on her way to completing the 6 Star marathon majors)

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