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REWIRE MY RUN - 6 weeks recommended

Is this for me?

Running Technique training is suitable for all runners but in particular those who are new to running, those returning to running postpartum or following an injury and runners who have plateaued and are looking at ways in which to improve form & increase their speed.


Most people haven’t been taught how to run and our Western lifestyle promotes poor movement patterns.  Running technique is not just about the way your foot lands. It is, first and foremost, about movement patterns.  Your body learns through movement; if you practice correct movement, your body learns correct movement. If you practice inefficient movement, your body will learn inefficient movement and as soon as you try to increase the volume or the intensity of an inefficient movement your body starts to complain.. in other words, you get injured.


Your Running Technique coaching starts with an assessment of your current running form, including a postural and movement video assessment.  The sessions will then introduce you to some mobility and activation exercises, a selection of effective warm up routines and cool down / stretches and over the duration of the course you will practice running drills that you can continue to implement in your training to enhance your performance. You will be expected to practice what you have learned in your own time, in between our training sessions.  You will also receive a BONUS Stretch & Mobility workout video that you can follow to help keep those dreaded injuries at bay!


There is no universal ‘perfect’ form, no ‘one size fits all.’ However, through technique training I can help you run with more ease, enabling you to take your running to the next level.


Choose individual coaching and benefit from 1:1 sessions that are tailored around your needs at a time that suits you.  Or choose to learn with a buddy or a group and enjoy training on Clapham Common with others at a reduced cost!  



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