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First Timer Podcast Guest (and looking rather nervous!)

Since becoming Running Mayor of Clapham, I've been speaking with local businesses to see how we can work together to help spread awareness of the Runsome campaign in order to encourage more people to run some of their every day journeys and errands.

One of these businesses happens to be the school that my boys go to, a school that has a rather fabulous Wellbeing Hub, providing support to not just the children but to the staff and parents too. The department is run by Paula Kearney and recently we've spoken about ways to promote running in the school and also outside of school by encouraging more people to actually run the 'school run'.

When she then asked me to be a guest on the school Podcast I jumped at the chance, even though I'd never done anything like this before and the thought of doing it filled me with dread and fear!!

Thankfully she gave me the heads up with regards to what she'd like to discuss so that I was able to prepare some notes ahead of the podcast recording, but even so I was still rather nervous when the time came to actual do it! I'm sure I babbled on way too quickly and fluffed up loads of words but regardless I thought it would be useful to share what we spoke about..

"Jules, can you tell me a little about the Runsome campaign and your role as a Running Mayor?"

The campaign was set up by Runners World magazine and Active Things: A coalition of running enthusiasts, organisations, brands and clubs. It's aim is to inspire more people to use running as active form of transport by running some of their errands for example to the shops, dentist or Post Office etc an