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Ready to improve your running and take it to the next level?!

Imagine creating alignment and balance, whilst increasing mental and physical strength in a spectacular coastal setting!

If you are already a runner who practices Pilates, then you will know and understand just how it can improve your running performance. Pilates encourages functional movement, a strong core, correct alignment, posture, strength, flexibility, muscle and joint stability and balance.. basically everything you need to take your running to the next level!


I am so excited to announce my new collaboration with London based Basi Pilates instructor, Jenny Foster with whom I have launched Running Aligned! Together we invite you on a unique journey towards improved fitness and wellbeing at our Running and Pilates retreat, where you will learn to move with ease and reduce your risk of injury and crush your goals!

You’ll be guided by myself and Jenny through daily running and Pilates sessions as well as motivating workshops.

Immerse yourself in luxury, with plenty of opportunity to unwind and take in the magnificent sea views.

A warm welcome awaits every guest at our retreats, where you will immediately be part of an inspiring community of likeminded women and leave feeling aligned with your fitness, wellbeing and your goals in both running and in life!

Our next retreat is 7th to 11th June 2023 in Tarifa, Spain.

Where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean : Where running and Pilates align.


Give yourself permission to dream big and set yourself up for success. Joining our retreat will help you to create good habits, encourage you to move and run better and will create a stronger version of you so that you can continue to achieve great things throughout all stages of womanhood.

SPACES ARE LIMITED! Act now and book by the end of 2022 to take advantage of Super Early Bird prices!

And ps... this would make the most AWESOME Christmas gift for the special woman in your life! I'm not sure how you'd top it next year mind you, unless you book a 2024 retreat of course!!!!!!

For full details and to book go to

Follow us @runningaligned

Jules @runningrewire

Jenny @jenniferfosterpilates

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