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"Following the ReBoost My Run program was an incredibly motivating and enjoyable experience.  The variety of runs encouraged me to change-up my standard ‘just get out and go’ runs, pushing me to try new techniques and exercises which have genuinely improved my running ability, in addition to my general conditioning and fitness levels.

Having followed Julie’s plan, I now feel much more confident in tackling the more ‘intense’ speedwork runs, as well as incorporating more strength and mobility exercises into my standard weekly routine. Whereas before a part of my mind always told me that a run was only ‘successful’ if I’d gone as hard and fast as I could that day, this plan showed me that a run doesn’t need to be exhausting to be considered a success. It’s made me reassess what I’m aiming to achieve during each run or fitness session, helping me to focus more on the quality of the movement and not always gunning for a quicker speed.  

One of the biggest obstacles I’ve overcome during this 8-week plan has been my own negative self-talk - beating myself up when I failed to hit an average pace, or feeling down when I ran slower than the week before.  It’s shown me that I’m capable of maintaining a level of fitness and ability that I initially thought was just a fluke on a pretty energetic day. The plan also gave me direction, structure and focus when life became particularly pressured and hectic when working from home.

To anyone who is considering working with Julie, all I can say is… go for it!  Julie offers a wealth of knowledge and experience for you to tap into and best of all, she is extremely practical when it comes to creating realistic and achievable fitness plans.  She is engaged, enthusiastic and 100% invested in helping you to reach your own personal goals - whatever they may be. One of the best choices you could make this year!"


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